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High technical standard of lubricating oilImport advanced formula


Imported oilHaman - Advanced technology + quality supervision

Experimental proof:HAMAN is better than other brands实验表明黑马王完胜其他知名品牌

High technical standards based on Germany,Better than Mobil/JOMO/S-OIL...Famous brand,Guarantee the high end quality of Haman lubricating oil.

Strong technology:Quality is guaranteed雄厚技术力量,精良工艺,品质保障

Technology research team developed by scientists and senior chemists at the University of Berlin, Germany,Imported raw materials in Singapore,Long term cooperation with famous enterprises in the world.

Haman : World class lubricating oil黑马王为你提供世界一流的润滑油产品

ProfessionalImprove our service to meet your needs

Performance excellenceMeet all kinds of requirements


  • Reduce frictionImported lubricant,Effectively reduce resistance and save energy consumption.
  • Reduce wear Reduce machine operation fatigue,To avoid the wear and tear of the machine operation.
  • Cooling Cycle to take away a lot of heat generated by the machine,Extend machine life!
  • Antirust Haman has excellent anti rust performance.Professional certification,Protection of anti rust effect.
  • Anti emulsification Haman is not easy to emulsionEmulsion will not lose the mobility and lubrication
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HAMANCommon choice for high quality machinery

Vehicle lubricating oil, industrial oil production factory专业中高档车辆润滑油、工业用油生产厂家

German Manufacturing Enterprise Co., Ltd.Sole Lubricant manufacturing enterprise;

Imported raw materials to ensure product quality严格原料、工艺标准,保障产品品质

Singapore imported base oil combined with foreign compound agent;

High quality and low cost lubricating oil黑马王提供高品质,单位成本极低的润滑油

The product grade is SN, the oil change cycle is long, can be used for at least 10 thousand kilometers;

User's real experience is the way of our brand communication;

Sales network all over the world遍布全球的销售网络,全方位售后服务

Sales outlets, delivery in time, the service is guaranteed;

Professional and technical guidance, the use of more efficient products

We cooperate with famous brand all the yearReceived the unanimous praise from customers

About us

About us

About us

HAMAN lubricating oil production enterprise is a science and technology enterprises, with scientists at Berlin University in Germany and senior chemistry, technical team, with Singapore imported base oil and foreign compound as raw material, color with Germany advanced production technology and prod…



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